The family uses our
NATURAL dressings for
salads, dipping, marinating,
basting, on soups,
sandwiches, pasta, poultry,
meats, cheeses, fish,
potatoes, fruits and veggies
and we use
only 100% Extra
Virgin Olive Oil, "Yiayia's
Special Spices," and a recipe
refined by generations of
Greeks to create this healthy
and tasty dressing.
Not far from our beautiful and pristine sea
side Village  of Xiropigado, on the
Peloponnese of Greece, is a bounty of Greek
Oregano, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Red Wine
Vinegar, Pepper, Garlic and Ionian Sea Salt
Our Dressings are direct descendants of our
YiaYia  (grandmother) Eleni. She inherited the
recipe from her mother, passed it to my mother
who passed it along to our family through many
years of incredible Greek salads, chicken and
potatoes and a multitude of uses in our
traditional Sunday dinners together. Family,
sharing, love, support and  just being together.
Thank you YiaYia
Steve Strompolos teaching Whole Foods
Cooking School participants how to make
Classic Greek Egg Lemon Soup
(Avgolemono) and Greek Salad made with
Strompolos' Authentic Extra Virgin Greek
Dressing/Marinade. Fun and Tasty