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Stavrosí Best Greek Salad !



Fresh Red Ripe Tomatoes
Cucumbers, seeded and skinned
Red Onions cut fresh
Green Peppers (or other colors)
(The above, cut a big bite size)
Calamata Olives (As big as you can find them, not pitted)
Greek Feta Cheese (Goats Milk or a mixture of Goats Milk and/or Sheepís Milk.)
Dried Greek Oregano
Fresh chopped parsley

Strompolosí ďAuthenticĒ Greek Dressing
, to taste, be generous.



Romaine, Endive, Fresh Oregano, Fresh Chives, Radishes. Pepperoncini
Celery, Green Onions, Radicchio, andÖ..Whatever seasonal food is growing in your
garden, or the Marketís.
Also, for protein, Shrimp, Chicken, Fish, Meats, Cold cuts, almost anything that buzzes you.



Take tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, peppers, after cutting, and place in serving/mixing bowl.  Pour proper amount of Strompolosí ďAuthenticĒ Greek Dressing on, donít drown, but donít be bashful, itís healthy and tasty stuff. You can let it stand in the fridge no longer than 15 minutes to blend the flavors, or not.

 Put whatever other ingredients youíve found and want to add, (OTHER THAN the dressing), the Feta cheese and olives, fresh chopped parsley and oregano, in guest serving bowls. Spoon the Strompolosí ďAuthenticĒ Greek Dressing, liberally on top of the greens or whatever else you have, then garnish with the olives, feta cheese and sprinkle the fresh chopped parsley and just a little dried oregano on top for final garnish and color. ( Strompolosí ďAuthenticĒ Greek Dressing, has oregano already in it, so donít overdo it.)

Serve IMMEDIATELY, donít let it lie around and get warm. Itís best served chilled.

                                                         Yasou !  Enjoy!


More recipes to follow